Interface System (IS)

  • Overview

    Welcome to the 21th Century...

    We have become an Information society, which through a variety of devices and accessories, have instant access to just about anything we want or need to know about.

    The IS brings that same accessibility to the world of Process Control.

    Because the IS is based on and designed to seamlessly interface with current and future Information Networking and Interface technologies, you are “ready to go” when it comes to Interfacing with and Managing any Process Control System.

  • Touch Screen Interface: Intuitive on-screen Icons simplify the navigation and implementation of the built-in applications.

    Ethernet/USB/232/485 Comm Ports: Insures the ability to connect to various field devices no matter what the device's connection interface is.

    Cellular/WIFI/Bluetooth Capable: Minimizes need for hardwiring and having to maintain a large inventory of computer cables.

    Voice Annunciation and Recognition: Eliminates the need for an external key board.

    Speaker / Microphone & Jacks:  Listen in and communicate instruction to local personnel from remote locations.

    Multi-Level Security:  Protects the data from cyber attacks.

    Solid State Hard drive:  Guarantees data integrity in the harshest environments.

    Auto-Dialer:  Provides realtime notification vocally and by text messaging when abnormal conditions occur.

    Data Management Application: Includes data collection, manipulation, trrending and data mining.

  • Physical -

    ·   Dimension:

    o  Control/Operator Interface Panel:  8 3/4 x 10 1/2 x 2 3/4 Inches

    o  Digital I/O Wiring Panel:  17 x 9 x 3 Inches

    o  Analog I/O Wiring Panel:  10 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 2 Inches

    ·   Control/Operator Interface Panel: 

    o  2 each Displays - 4 Digits each for Total of 8 digits

    o  32 each Status/Pointer Lights (LEDS)

    §   Red, Green, Yellow or Blue

    §   Steady or Flashing

    o  16 each Switch contacts

    §   Push button, 2 Position toggle, 3 Position toggle or Momentary

    o  Definable placement of Lights and Switches.  65 positions

    o  Definable Panel text, pictures and colors

    ·   Mounting: Surface

    ·   Connectors:

    o  Input/Output/Power: Screw  terminals.  Wire Range: 22 - 12 AWG

    o  Panel Interface: Plug and Play Cables 

    o  RS-232: Male 25 pin Subminiature D


    Electrical -

    ·   Supply Voltage: 12 VDC

    ·   Current draw:  Nominal 1 A

    ·   CPU's: 2 each Industrial Hardened Parallel Microprocessors

    ·   Real Time Clock: Perpetual

    ·   Battery:  Internal, rechargeable

    ·   Inputs:

    o  Analog:  8 Each

    §   Resolution: 12 bits.  Successive Approximation

    §   Range: 0 - 5 VDC

    o  Discrete Contact Closure: 32 each

    ·   Outputs:

    o  Analog: 8 Each

    §   Resolution: 12 bits

    §   Range: 0 - 20 mADC

    o  Relay Contact: 32 Each (Field Replaceable)

    §   Type: DPDT

    §   Standard Contacts Rating:   28 VDC @ 7.5 A Max. Resistive

    110-115 VAC @ 3.8 A Max. Resistive

    220-240 VAC @ 2.2 A Max. Resistive


    Software -

    ·   Diagnostics:

    o  Built In Self Check

    o  Watch Dog Timer

    ·   Memory:

    o  Non-volatile Static RAM

    o  Life: 1 Million store cycles   (Store cycles only when power removed)

    o  Data Retention: 100 years

    ·   Configuration Interface: Configured via Front Panel or RS-232 and PC


    Communications -

    ·   RS-232C:

    o  Baud Rates:

    §   Default:  1200

    §   Selectable:  300 - 19200

    o  Bit Format:

    §   Default: 8 Bits, 1 Stop, No Parity

    §   Selectable: 7 - 8 Bits, 1 - 2 Stop, Even or Odd Parity

    ·   Protocols:

    o  Default: ASCII

    o  Selectable:

    §   Modbus

    §   TCP/IP

    §   Customer specified

    ·   Connections:

    o  Default: Computer

    o  Selectable:

    §   Telephone Modem

    §   Radio Modem:

    Adjustable RTS Delay

    Default: Full-Duplex

    Selectable: Half-Duplex


    Performance -

    ·   Accuracy:  0.1% (Calibration/Linearity/Hysterisis/Repeatability)

    ·   Temperature Coefficient: 0.005 % / Deg C


    Environmental -

    ·   Operating Temperature:  -30 to 80 degrees C operation

    ·   Operating Humidity:  5 to 85% Humidity


    Warranty -

    ·   7-Years, Transferable


  • The following documents* available for viewing, printing and uploading...

    IS Sales Brochure

  • The following table is a compilation of a few of the many applications that the AGM Interface System (IS) can be applied to.

    If you have an application that you are uncertain as to whether or not the AGM Interface System is the correct product to apply, contact AGM's Technical Support Team and they will work with you to insure that the correct product is selected for your design requirements.
      Functional Use Application Examples
    1 Remote Data Logging  Mandated EPA SIte Remediation Self Monitoring
    2 Control Tank Level or Line Pressure, Multi-Channel Pump Control System
    3 Data Concentrator Cascade the DC's to access as many remote site Analog and Discrete signals as your system requirements may need
    4 Converter Access 3rd party MODBUS  only devices and convert variables to Analog and Discrete Signals
    5 Field Data Telemetry Send and receive Analog and Discrete signals between two or more remote sites
    6 Data Interface Provide plant or facility wide access to process data using any WEB browser
    7 Calculator Perform Mass Flow, BTU and Rate of Flow caculations
    8 Protocol Translation Communicate between various devices that use different protocols such as MODBUS and AB Ethernet/IP
    9 Port Switch Convert MODBUS RS232 to MODBUS over Ethernet
    Note - AGM will also work with you to develop and supply Total Turn-Key solutions. Contact Us
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