Wireless Monitoring System (WMS)

  • Overview

    On or Off?, Started or Stopped?, Secure or Not Secure?...

    The WIRELESS MONITORING SYTEM is the economical way to get the answers to these questions.

    Put one here, put one there, put them anywhere and now know wirelessly what the condition of your local system is. Not only that, use the WIRELESS MONITORING SYTEM to operate field devices such as turning pumps on and off and knowing if they are in fact, on or off.

    The low power WIRELESS MONITORING SYTEM is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations and can be used in urban and rural settings.

    Radio communications incorporates the latest self-healing and encryption technologies.

  • Packaging: NEMA Enclosure (4X Rated, Water Resistance, IP66)

    Installation: Bulk Head Mounting

    Power: 6 to 30 VDC Power (1 - 2 Watts)

    Networks: Up to 8 Remotes per Network and Up to 8 Networks

    Contact Transfer: The WMS Transfers Contact Closures Both Directions or One Way

    7-Year Warranty: The WMS includes a 7-Year transferable warranty on both hardware and firmware.

  • Physical:
    • NEMA 4X Enclosure. IP66 if properly sealed
    • Remote - 5.2 X 3.9 X 3 Inches,
    • Base Station - 6.25 X 5.25 X 3.25 Inches
    • Reverse SMA Antenna Connector
    • Wire Size: 12 to 24 Gauge
    • Wall Mounting Brackets Included
    • -20 to 70 Dec C / 5-95% Non-condensing Relative Humidity
    Wireless Performance:
    • Transmit Power: 250 mW (24 dBm)
    • Indoors / Urban: Up to 1000 Feet (with included whip antenna)
    • Outdoors / Rural: Up to 4 Miles (with external 2.1 dB dipole antenna)
    • RF data rate: 200 kb/s
    • Receiver sensitivity: -101 dBm (@ 200 kb/s)
    Wireless Network:
    • Mesh Network Topology
    • 8 Network Addresses, Switch Selectable
    Status Indicators:
    • Power, Low Power, Running, Network, RSSI. RX, TX
    • Input Status (1 Remote) (8 for Base Station)
    • Output Status (1 Remote) (8 for Base Station)
    • Error (1 Remote) (8 for Base Station)
    • Dry Contact, (1 Remote) (8 Base Station)
    • Open Drain, 30 VDC, 100 mA max per output (1 Remote) (8 Base Station)
    • 6 - 30 VDC (1 Watt Remote) (2 Watts Base Station)

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    Wireless Monitoring System Base Station
    10-30 VDC
    Interfaces with the Base Station
    10-30 VDC

    Legend (PDF Documents) : W-Wiring Diagram, D-Description, O-Operation, C-Calibration, S-Specifications, M-Manual

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  • The following table is a compilation of a few of the many applications that the AGM Wireless Monitoring System (WMS) can be applied to.

    If you have an application that you are uncertain as to whether or not the Wireless Monitoring System is the correct product to apply, contact AGM's Technical Support Team and they will work with you to insure that the correct product is selected for your design requirements.
       Where Application Example
    1 Tank Farms Level Monitoring
    2 Warehouses Perimeter Surveillance
    3 Ranches Gate Status
    4 Lift Stations High Level Detection
    5 Chemical Plants Eye Wash Station Activation
    6 Power Stations Power Outage Notification
    7 Farming/Agriculture Irrigation Pump Status Irrigation Pump Control
    Note - AGM also will work with you to develop and supply Total Turn-Key solutions. Contact Us
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