Wired and Wireless - Site to Site and Site to Multi-Site Telemetry Systems (WTC)

  • Overview

    Communicate Your Data...

    AGM offers a variety of product configurations to telemeter process control variables among sites.

    The Communication mediums can be wireless, wired or a combination of both.

    Communication networks can be Spread Spectrum Radio, Cellular, Satellite, Fiber Optic Cable, Metallic Wires, and Dedicated / Dialup Phone lines to name a few.

    One-to-many analog and discrete signals can be transfered between any mumber of locations.

  • Flexibility: An extensive list of and the modularity of AGM‘s products ensure a solution to a variety of system design requirements.

    Packaging: The Wired and Wireless Transceivers (WTC) are provided assembled and tested, ready for installation, startup and operation upon delivery (Turn-Key) or the WTC components can be purchased separately and easily installed and integrated into existing systems.

    3rd Party Product Interface: The WTC can interface with other manufacturers products via discrete and analog signals and various protocols such MODBUS, DF1 and Ethernet/IP

    Support: AGM provides free technical support during commissioning. The support includes coordination with Cellular phone and Satellite and other service providers as required.

    Power Options: The WTC power options include AC, DC and Solar.

    Control Functions: The WTC includes control functions that can be incorporated to automatically control onsite devices such as pumps and valves.

  • The Wired/Wireless Tansceiver (WTC) is used to telemeter data between two or more remote sites using various communication mediums. The following table is a tool for constructing a model number based on your specific design requirements.

    Note - Please contact our Domain Engineering staff if you are unsure of which WTCs to specify for your application. Or email or fax us a block diagram of what you need and we will fill in the model numbers and promptly provide you a Hardware Overview and Proposal. We will also work with you to develop OEM products.

    WTC Selection

    The selection and configuration of the WTC System is based on (as a minimum) –
    1) Quantity of Sites of the system
    2) Quantity of Analog and Discrete inputs and outputs required at each site
    3) Communication Medium to be used to transmit and receive data between sites
    4) Whether or not a user interface display is required
    5) Whether or not control is also required
    6) The power to be used to power the WTCs
    7) Antenna requirements
    8) Enclosure Options
    2 Analog and 4 Discrete signals to be communicated between two sites via Spread Spectrum Radio. Antennas are to be of the Yagi type. Enclosure is to be NEMA4X rated. Power will be 115 VAC. No interface display or control is required.

    Based on the Selection Tables - AGM PN WTC-SSR2-2 should be used at both sites

    Go to "Selection / Documents" to locate a WTC for your requirements.

  • Selection Tables

    Digital and Analog Input / Output Selection Table Communications Antenna Style System Power
    0 0 0 0
    2 2 1 1
    2 2 2 1
    2 2 4 2
    2 2 4 4
    4 4 2 2
    6 3 12 3
    8 8 4 4
    32 32 8 8
    - - - - - - -
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