Dial Up Modem (DUM)

  • Overview

    The Alternative ...

    When you need to get more than a single piece of data from a remote site or you need bi-directional communications or the phone company no longer supports leased, dedicated lines,  consider the Dial-Up Modem.

    Small package size, low cost, ease of installation and setup makes it a perfect alternative to pulse duration modulation telemetry.

  • Simplified Configuration: A few jumpers are all that is required for configuring the DUM.

    Small Package Size: Retrofit existing installations without having to replace already installed enclosures.

    Small Package Size: The Dial-Up Modem is completely "potted" in silicon rubber making it impervious to the elements commonly found in harsh environments.

    Indicators: LEDs show the status of DUM at a glance.

    7-Year Warranty: The DUM includes a 7-Year transferable warranty on both hardware and firmware.

  •   Physical -

    ·   Dimensions:

    o  (AUX) 3 inches x 1.6 inches x 2.7 inches

    o  (DIN) 3 inches x 1.4 inches x 3.5 inches

    ·   Mounting: Bulkhead, DIN

    ·   Connections:

    o  RS-232, Female 9 Pin Subminiature D connector

    o  Configuration (Jumpers), Wire Range 28 - 14 AWG

    o  Power, Wire Range 28 - 14 AWG

    o  TelCo, RJ11

    ·   Indicators:

    o  MR (Green) - Power/Modem Ready

    o  REC (Green) - Modem set as Receive, Jumper Selectable

    o  SND (Green) - Modem set as Send, Jumper Selectable

    o  TD (Yellow) - Transmitting Data

    o  RD (Yellow) - Receiving Data

    o  CD (Green) - Carrier Detect

    o  TR (Green) - Terminal Ready

    o  RI (Red) - Ring Indicator/Dialing

    o AD (Green) - Auto-Dial Active, Jumper Selectable


      Electrical -

    ·   Supply Voltage: 11 to 26 VDC

    ·   Current Draw: Nominal 125 mA max at 12 VDC, Sleep Mode - 65 mA

    ·   CPU: Industrial Hardened Microcontroller


      Characteristics -

    ·   DAA Isolation: 3000 VAC

    ·   Frequency Stability: +/- 0.01%

    ·   AGC Dynamic Range: 43 db

    ·   Command Buffer: 60 Characters

    ·   Receiver Sensitivity: -43 dBm

    ·   Transmit Level: -11 dBm

    ·   Baud Rate, Jumper Selectable: 9600 Default, 1200, 19200

    ·   Serial Speeds: 300 to 230,400 bps

    ·   Client to Client Data Rates: 300 to 33,000 bps

    ·   Client to Server Data Rates: Supports V.90 and V.92

    ·   Data Format: Serial, Binary

    ·   Data Compatibility:

    o  V.92, V.34 enhanced, V.34, V.32bis,

    o  V.22bis, V.22; Bell 212A and 103/113, V.21 & V.23


    ·   Data Compression:

    o  ITU-T V.44 (6:1 throughput),

    o  V.42bis (4:1 throughput),

    o  MNP 5 (2:1 Throughput)

    ·   Error Correction: V.42, (LAP-M or MNP-3-4)

    ·   Flow Control: XON/XOFF (Software), RTS/CTS (Hardware)


      Intelligent Features -

    ·   Sleep Mode

    ·   Autodial, redial

    ·   Dial Pauses

    ·   Auto Answer

    ·   Adaptive Line Probing

    ·   DTMF Detection

    ·   DTR Dialing

    ·   Phone Number Storage

    ·   Flash Memory for Firmware Updates

    ·   NVRAM storage for User Defined Parameters


      Approvals -

    ·   Safety Certifications:

    o  UL60950

    o  cUL60950

    o  EN60950

    o  IEC60950

    o  ACA TS001 / AS 3260

    o  CCC

    ·   Safety Certifications:

    o  FCC Part 15

    o  Canadian EMC

    o  EN 55022

    o  EN 55024

    o  GB4943, GB9254


      Environmental -

    ·   Operating Temperature: -30 to 80 degrees C

    ·   Operating Humidity: 5 to 95%


      Warranty -

    ·   7-Years, Transferable

  • Product Function
    Site to Site Connectivity over Dial-Up Lines

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    Dial-Up Modem
    12 to 30 VDC
    Dial-Up Modem
    12 to 30 VDC

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  • The following table is a compilation of a few of the many applications that the AGM Dial-Up Modem (DUM) can be applied to.

    If you have an application that you are uncertain as to whether or not the Dial-Up Modem is the correct product to apply, contact AGM's Technical Support Team and they will work with you to insure that the correct product is selected for your design requirements.
      Functional Use Application Examples
    1 Data Connectivity Connecting a Tank site with a remote Pump Station over a dry pair of wires
    2 RS232 Cable Extender Extend the 25 ft limited distance of RS232 up to 10 miles
    4 Tone Equipment Alternatative Replacement Tone Equipment parts have become very expensive, that is, if the parts can even be located.  The DUM is a viable and economical solution.
    Note - AGM also will work with you to develop and supply Total Turn-Key solutions. Contact Us
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