Data Handler (DH)

  • Overview

    Data Anywhere, Anytime ...

    New concepts in system design require remote single point signals to be conditioned, converted, logged, communicated to other locations, operate/control field devices and interface with existing or new peripherals.

    The DATA HANDLER's built-in signal conditioning, low power requirements, hermetic seal, small package size, ease of installation and hardened micro-controller makes it perfect for these types of applications.

    The AGM DATA HANDLER truly allows data to be accessed anywhere, anytime.

  • Optical I/O isolation: The input signal from a field sensor is optically isolated from the other circuitry of the Data Handler. System startup problems resulting from inadvertent ground loop conditions are precluded. System operational shutdowns due to lightning and utility fault currents are greatly minimized.

    Minimal Power Requirement: The Data Handler is ideal for those remote locations where it is not practical or cost effective to bring service power to. Batteries or a small solar power system is all that is required for operation.

    Communications: Interfaces include direct, fixed/spread spectrum radios, leased/dial-up line modems and Ethernet.

    Eight-channel time division multiplex: The "MUX PUK" auxiliary device allows one Data Handler to monitor 8 analog or 64 digital inputs. Monitoring costs can be reduced to one twentieth of that using other monitoring devices.

    Stand-alone controller: The Data Handler can be programmed to perform any type of controller function including PID features.

    RTU Function: Flexible Data Handler software lets the Data Handler function as a RTU in all SCADA systems. You can interface with Windows-based PC programs like Genesis, Intellution, Wonderware, Lookout, etc. or AGM's own TakeCharge program. It can be adopted for use with any protocol including Modbus and its variations.

    Addressable: The Data Handler is addressable for Distributive Control Schemes. You can use 256 different addresses in a single system application.

    Event or time driven data-logging with programmable smoothing: You have 32K of nonvolatile RAM and a perpetual clock for data logging. Stored data files can be directly downloaded to popular programs like EXCEL, ACCESS, etc. You can not lose stored data with loss of communications in a Monitoring System.

    Signal Conditioning: Erratic and "noisy" signals from input sensors are easily "smoothed", without eliminating the important perturbations of the variable being measured.

    Internet, Email, and Pager Interfaces: The Data Handler's communications auto-dialer lets you transmit remote data and alarm conditions using the Internet, AOL, and CompuServe networks.

    Remote Diagnostics: The Data Handler software files include programs with "zero sum logic" and relay ladder logic schemes to identify wiring errors and equipment malfunctions during "startup" and operating conditions.

  • Physical -

    ·   Dimensions:  3 inches DIA x 2.5 inches x 3 inches

    ·   Package:  Circuitry hermetically sealed

    ·   Mounting:  Bulkhead, DIN, GUAC Explosion Proof Enclosure

    ·   Connectors:  Power & Signals: Plug & Play. Wire Range : 28 - 14 AWG

    ·   RS232C:   Male 9-pin Subminiature D


    Electrical -

    ·   Supply Voltage:  9 to 26 VDC

    ·   Current draw: Nominal 6 mA 

    ·   CPU: Industrial Hardened Microcontroller

    ·   Real Time Clock: Perpetual

    Battery: Internal, rechargeable

    ·   Inputs: (Optional 8 input multiplexer)

    o Analog:

    §   Optically Isolated AC, DC, RTD, T/C, Strain Gage

    §   Resolution: Greater than 12 bits

    o Contact Closure:  2 Each

    o Frequency: 0 to 500 Pulses per Second (PPS)

    o Pulse Duration:

    §   Resolution:  15.6 mS

    §   Span: 15.6 mS —> 1 Year

    §   Period: 15.6 mS —> 1 Year

    o Pulse totalizer/Accumulator:

    §   Minimum pulse width: 15.6 mS

    §   Maximum count:  4,294,967,296

    ·   Outputs:

    o Analog:

    §   Current: 0/20 mADC. 250 ohms

    o Relays: 2 Each, Normally open contacts

    §   Contacts rating 28VDC @ 1 A Max. Resistive

    o Frequency: 0/1200 Pulses per Hour (PPH)

    o Pulse Duration:

    §   Resolution:  635 µS

    §   Range:  125 mS -> 186 Days

    §         Period:  125 mS -> 186 Days


      Software -

    ·    Diagnostics:

    o Built In Self-Check

    o Watch Dog Timer

    ·   Memory:  32K, non-volatile RAM


    Configuration -

    ·   Configuration Interface: Settings configured via RS232C and PC

    ·    Definable Control Logic and Functions

    ·   Built-in, Configurable:

    o  Control/Alarm Set Points, Signal/Control Time Delays, PID Constants,

    o  Rate of Change, Time-of-Day Interlocks


      Communications -

    ·     RS485/RS232C:

    o  Baud Rates:

    o  Default:  1200

    o  Selectable:  300 - 19200

    o  Data Format:

    §   Default: 8 Bits, 1 Stop, No Parity

    §   Selectable: 7 - 8 Bits, 1 - 2 Stop, Even or Odd Parity 

    ·     Protocols:

    o  Default: ASCII

    o  Selectable:

    §   Modbus, DF1, Customer specified

    ·     Connections:

    o  Default: Computer

    o  Selectable:

    §   Telephone Modem

    §   Radio Modem:

    §   Adjustable RTS Delay

    §   Default: Full-Duplex

    §   Selectable: Half-Duplex

    o  EMail Providers

    ·     Addressable: 256 different addresses


      Mux-Puk (Time Division Multiplexer) Assy -

    ·   Package:  Hermetically sealed with Plug and Play terminals

    ·   Inputs:  8 inputs with Input to Input relay isolation  

    ·   Power:  Supplied through factory supplied cable form associated Data Handler


      Environmental -

    ·   Operating Temperature: -30 to 80 degrees C  

    ·   Operating Humidity: 5 to 95%.

    ·   Class: Class 1, Div 1, Group C, D, E, F


      Performance -

    ·   Accuracy: 0.1% (Calibration/Linearity/Hysteresis/Repeatability)

    ·   Temperature Coefficient: 0.005 % / Deg C


      Warranty -

    ·   7-Years, Transferable


  • Product Function
    Single point, multi-site, universal, microcontroller based RTU
    Various mounting assemblies

    Model Nbr
    Image *
    Product Pwr
    Price (USD)
    RS232C to RS232C, adds address to data
    10 to 30 VDC
    8 Contacts in, 2 relays/1 4/20 ma out, RS232C
    10 to 30 VDC
    8 Contacts in, 2 relays, RS232C
    10 to 30 VDC
    8 analog mux/relay out, use with 9000-N8R
    10 to 30 VDC
    1 Ai, 2 Di, 2 Do, 1 4/20 ma out, RS232C
    10 to 30 VDC

    Legend (PDF Documents) : W-Wiring Diagram, D-Description, O-Operation, C-Calibration, S-Specifications, M-Manual

    * Actual Product May Vary from the Image - Click on Image to view Product Items

    ** Stocked Product
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  • The following table is a compilation of a few of the many applications that the AGM Data Handler (DH) can be applied to.

    If you have an application that you are uncertain as to whether or not the Data Handler is the correct product to apply, contact AGM's Technical Support Team and they will work with you to insure that the correct product is selected for your design requirements.
    DescriptionApp NbrDoc Size
    Data Handler (DH) - Beep Alert, DHApp1: Beeper Alarm, Data Logging, 3 Phone Numbers, Call Back Acknowledge DHApp1 32K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - Electro-Corder, DHApp13: One analog and 2 dry contact inputs (Electrocorder). Log and remotely control output dry contacts or use output contacts for alarms. DHAPP13 30K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - Digital Adder, DHApp14 DHAPP14 31K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - 10 Segment breakpoint linerearizer, DHApp15 DHAPP15 35K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - DataTran, DHApp24: Transfer one analog to the remote DH (TransVerter). Send and receive two dry contacts over dial-up, leased line or radio modem. Use with DHApp25 DHAPP24 32K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - TransVerter, DHApp25: Ouput one analog from the DH (DataTran). Also send and receive two dry contacts over dial-up, leased line or radio modem . Use with DHApp24 DHAPP25 33K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - Low Sliding window averager, DHApp30 DHAPP30 107K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - 8 Channel Data Logging System, DHApp32 DHApp32 44K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - 8 Channel Data Logging System, DHApp32 DHApp32MUX 24K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - DataTran, DHApp35: Send and receive one analog and two dry contact to and from the remote DH (Transverter) over dial-up, leased line or radio modem. Use with DHApp36 DHAPP35 41K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - TransVerter, DHApp36: Send and receive one analog from the DH (DataTran). Also send and receive two dry contacts over dial-up, leased line or radio modem . Use with DHApp35 DHAPP36 34K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - DataTran, DHApp4: Transfer one analog to the local DH (Transverter). Send and receive one dry contact over dial-up, leased line or radio modem. Use with DHApp5 DHAPP4 32K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - Modbus/DNP3 Protocol, DHApp40: One analog input and output with two dry contact inputs and outputs with Modbus Protocol. DHAPP40 29K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - Loss of signal detector. Holds last input reading until fault is cleared. DHApp42 DHApp42 38K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - TransVerter, DHApp5: Ouput one analog from the DH (DataTran). Also send and receive one dry contact over dial-up, leased line or radio modem. Use with DHApp4 DHAPP5 33K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - DataTran, DHApp6: Send and recieve 2 dry contacts to and from the remote DH (Transverter) over dial-up, leased line or radio modem. Use with DHApp7 DHAPP6 31K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - TransVerter, DHApp7: Receive and send 2 dry contacts from and to the DH (DataTran) over dial-up, leased line or radio modem. Use with DHApp6 DHAPP7 31K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - DataTran, DHApp8: Sends 1 discrete and 1 analog. Used with DHApp9 DHApp8 30K Bytes
    Data Handler (DH) - TransVerter, DHApp9: Receives 1 discrete and 1 analog. Used with DHApp8 DHApp9 32K Bytes
  • The Data Handler may be used as a stand-alone monitoring and control device or integrated with other AGM and manufacturers products. The following table is a tool for constructing a model number based on your specific design requirements.

    Note - Please contact our Domain Engineering staff if you are unsure of which Data Handler to specify for your application. Or email or fax us a block diagram of what you need and we will fill in the model numbers and promptly provide you a Hardware Overview and Proposal. We will also work with you to develop OEM products.

    Data Handler Model Number Selection Table

    Basic #












        Any AC/DC Voltage/Current, Resistance or Thermocouple and 2 Contact Closures Factory will set the Input to the specified input range prior to shipment


        8 Contact Closures  


        Any Frequency, 2 Contact Closures Specify frequency range and type






    4/20 mADC, 2 Contact Closures


    0/10 VDC, 2 Contact Closures  


    Multiplexer (Mux) Interface Used with SPM9000-N8R

    Specific Models





    8 Input Mux Use with SPM9000-D28 or SPM9000-D48





    RS485 to RS232C converter Used to connect multiple RS485 devices together




    RS232C to RS232C converter Used in systems with multiple ICS's that need to be addressable

    Following are examples of Data Handler orders:

    SPM9000-D2I, DC and 2 Contact inputs with 4/20 mADC and 2 contact outs and RS232C communications interface. I need two independent adjustable setpoints and time on/off delays for operating pumps based on a wet well level signal.

    2. SPM9000-D28 and SPM9000-N8R, 8 Channel analog Data Logger that will be connected to a Radio Modem for remote data acquisition. Also need AGM TakeCharge software to log and display remote data on a portable PC.

    You may EMail or Mail your order.

    If you would prefer, you can place your order by phone by calling 520-722-1000.